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Settlements Defined:

A life settlement is the sale of all, or just a portion of a life insurance policy by the owner, to a third party investor for a cash payment. The buyer takes over the monthly premium cost and collects the death benefit upon the original owner's death. This relieves the original owner of the burden of an ever increasing monthly premium cost and provides substantial funds for any purpose desired.

  • Our access assures you the best result.
  • Most policies qualify for our free Auction Services.
  • Every institutional investor has an opportunity to bid for your policy.
  • Let the market decide value, not just one or two providers.
  • We don't get paid until you do.

Our Analytic Approach:

We get your basic information, explain all of your options clearly, and in-person, if you choose. We'll show you every offer and explain every nuance. If you choose to accept an offer, we'll walk you through - we make it easy.

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Every Bid And Nuance Explained.

Completely transparent process. We represent you!

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Settlements Aren't Right For Everyone.

We'll explain all of your options, whether they involve a settlement or otherwise.

Our Process Is Collaborative - Here's How It Works...

First, click online the "Instant Estimate" link, and tell us a little about you and your policy. There's no obligation, and your information privacy is our highest priority.

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